Oil & Gas Litigation

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Landowners and royalty owners are often underdogs in their battles against large oil and gas companies. We have the ambition and resources to tilt the fight in favor of our clients.

We are prepared to help clients with the following types of oil and gas issues:

  • Contract Disputes
    • lease disputes
    • mineral rights disputes
    • royalty disputes
  • Property Damage Claims
    • well and surface damage
    • reservoir damage
    • lost or diminished production
    • contamination and pollution claims
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Recreational Off-highway Vehicle Injuries

  The Consumer Products Safety Commission defines recreational off-highway vehicles (ROVs) as┬ámotorized vehicles designed for off-highway use with the following features: four or more pneumatic tires designed for off-highway use; bench or bucket seats for two or more occupants; automotive-type …

Compensation for Bike Injuries

On the morning of July 20th, 2016, Andy Heines, the director of corporate communications for AEP Texas, was riding his bike on the access road of SPID when a truck collided into him. The driver fled the scene without calling …