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hand-arm vibration syndrome

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When you’re a construction worker, or another type of laborer, your hands are your livelihood. There are all sorts of factors that can contribute to minor hand injuries that can stop you from working for a shift or much longer. From cold weather to vibrating equipment to dangerous machinery, your hands are constantly exposed to risks. Hand-arm vibration syndrome is one such danger.

Tingling, numbness, and tight pain are common symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome, but they are also symptoms of hand-arm vibration syndrome (HAVS), which can not be corrected through the surgery that fixes carpal tunnel. HAVS can be permanent and can even lead to gangrene. One specific sign is a loss of color or extreme coldness in fingers.

HAVS occurs in workers who consistently operate vibrating equipment, and can take years to materialize, sometimes even after the worker leaves the profession. If you are starting to exhibit symptoms of HAVS years after leaving construction, you may have trouble getting compensation. The best way to address this situation is to obtain legal help. Your lawyer can provide appropriate documentation and argue for the diagnosis’s relationship to your former job.

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