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Each year, approximately 34 million people are injured or killed as a result of product-related accidents. Product liability law has made it easier for a person injured by a defective or dangerous product to recover damages. Defective products are products which cause injury due to errors made in labeling, defects in design or in issues with the manufacturing process. This area of law covers a wide range of product related injuries including injuries sustained from kitchen appliances, misleading health claims on food product labels and car defect injury claims such as those involving faulty tires.

There are many ways people can be injured by defective products. A part can fall off something to create a choking hazard to children. An automobile defect such as faulty tires can lead to a deadly accident. A driver on a busy road can lose control when a faulty accelerator pedal sticks to result in a horrific accident with many injuries. Even products we use to keep our children safe like car seats, high-chairs and cribs can be defective wherein young children are seriously injured or killed.

Our Corpus Christi product liability attorneys have successfully sued automakers and manufacturers of machinery and consumer goods for their dangerous products. If you or someone close to you has been hurt because of a hazardous product, you may be entitled to financial compensation from the party responsible for your injury. Our skilled injury attorneys can help you with medical bills, lost work wages and expensive property damage associated with defective product injuries.

Common Defective Product Injuries

Product liability claims usually involve items such as toys, household products, industrial machinery and equipment, farm machinery, tires and electronics. When these types of products are defective they can cause a variety of physical injuries such as:

Burns – A victim of a defective product that suffers burn injuries can endure a tremendous amount of pain and suffering, both physically and mentally. Burn injuries range in severity from first degree burns to third degree burns which damage the innermost layer of skin and nerves. Fourth degree burns are the most serious as they can do a great deal of damage to underlying nerves as well as the skin to result in a loss of sensation, muscle and bone.

Bone fractures – Victims of accidents that were caused by defective products such as vehicle tires can easily suffer from broken bones. Often times, a broken bone suffered in a car crash is much more serious than one sustained in a fall or from a sporting accident. This is due to the forces acting upon a person who’s involved in a car accident. People who suffer bone fractures in auto accidents often need surgery which may involve hardware such as titanium screws which are necessary to secure the bones.

Eye injuries – Many types of accidents involving dangerous products can result in eye injuries that cause a victim to experience diminished eye sight or even blindness. To make matters even worse, knowing that a dangerous product is to blame for your vision loss can make dealing with what happened very difficult to say the least. Eye injury victims who experience vision loss often face extended time off from work or not being able to work at all due to the injuries they’ve sustained.

Head injuries – A head injury is any type of head trauma that leads to injuries of the scalp, skull or brain. The worst head injuries involve the brain and can result from dangerous products of all types ranging from defective brakes or airbags on cars to falls from heights due to faults in ladders or scaffolds. Many accident victims with traumatic brain injuries require around-the-clock care and supervision due to them suffering from cognitive impairment.

There are many other types of injuries victims of dangerous product accidents can suffer from including contusions, sprains, lacerations and hearing loss. If you’ve suffered some type of serious injury due to a dangerous product, contact the Corpus Christi injury attorneys at Webb Cason to find out if you have reason to file a claim.

Vaping Injuries

E-cigarettes are touted as a safer alternative to cigarettes. However, e-cigarettes might be just as dangerous. In addition to loose regulations from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the known propensity for these devices to explode and severely injure users, vapes are leading to lung injury and death.

  • As of August 27, 2019, 215 possible vape-related respiratory illness cases have been reported from 25 states, the CDC and FDA said in a statement.

  • Officials in Illinois reported the first death from a vaping-related lung injury in late August. Others have been hospitalized for lung injuries related to vaping. Their symptoms included diarrhea, vomiting, coughing, and shortness of breath.

E-cig explosions and lung injuries are a new and unique hazard. However, defending clients with personal injuries caused by defective products is not new to Webb Cason. With more than 120 years of combined experience assisting victims of personal injury, our firm is ready to work tirelessly on your behalf to get the recovery you deserve.

If you have suffered injuries related to vaping, contact Webb Cason. We have injury attorneys ready to assist you in your recovery.

Product Liability Law

It can be difficult for the average person to determine whether or not they have a product liability case, even if they have been injured by a defective or dangerous product. Many people assume that their injury was simply an accident and that no one can be held responsible for the damage caused by a defective product. It is important to remember that the law requires the companies behind a product to ensure that their customers are not put in unreasonable danger.

It’s important to keep in mind that there are often several parties responsible within each of the following categories:

  • Manufacturers

  • Distributors

  • Retailers

Recoverable Damages

As in other personal injury cases that involve negligence, if an injury victim of a faulty product proves his or her case, the manufacturer and/or other responsible parties may be held liable for damages related to the injuries caused by the said product. A claimant may be able to recover compensation for his or her:

  • Medical expenses both past and future

  • Property damage

  • Lost wages

  • Emotional distress

  • Loss of earning power

  • Loss of consortium

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