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Hamilton school power outage leads to injury for cafeteria worker

By Michael Clark, Staff Writer


A Hamilton school suffered a short power blackout today that caused a cafeteria worker’s injury and her transport to a local hospital.

The power outage at Riverview Elementary, which occurred at approximately 1:52 p.m., didn’t last long, said Joni Copas, spokeswoman for Hamilton Schools.

The female cafeteria worker tripped on a floor mat and “fell and hit her head,” said Copas.“

Power was out for two seconds then back-up generators came on and then the regular power came back on seconds later,” she said.

The woman was transported to a local hospital, and the extent of injury was not immediately known.

There were no other injuries at Riverview, which is located at 250 Knightsbridge Drive.

Riverview Elementary School.jpg

The day’s class schedule was not affected by the power outage, Copas said.

Megan Webb