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Nearly 28 months after a wreck on FM 108 in DeWitt County, a verdict was delivered in favor of Lloyd Kulik and Atreyu Muniz of Yorktown. On the evening of March 30, 2017, a Stallion Production Services 18-wheeler crashed into a Dodge pickup, which caused a rollover and life-threatening injuries.

Presided over by Judge Bobby Bell of the 24th District Court in DeWitt County, a 12-person local jury rendered their verdict on July 23 following six hours of deliberation. The trial started on July 8.

The jury awarded Kulik $40,145,909 in damages. Kulik suffered a burst fracture to his cervical spine that left him a quadriplegic. Muniz was awarded $4,479,517. Muniz was dealt a TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury) from the wreck.

This was a landmark case for DeWitt County and also for Dietze & Reese, LLP (Raymond H. Reese, Errol John Dietze and Johnny Dietze), who represented Kulik locally, along with lead council, Perdue & Kidd of Houston (Donald H. Kidd, Adam J. Blake and Jim Perdue).

Muniz was represented by Charles Webb, Jr. of Webb Cason, P.C. out of Corpus Christi and locally by Michael Sheppard of Crain & Sheppard.

“The two main points we wanted to make on Mr. Kulik’s behalf was that we thank the jury for their hard work,” Reese said. “It was not an easy case. Secondly, we really feel like justice was finally served for Mr. Kulik.”

Kidd added, “I think the DeWitt County jury represented the county well and made sure Stallion Production Services know they don’t own the roads. Mr. Kulik is forever changed because of the injuries they caused. Hopefully, this verdict will help his life to be a little better.”

Sheppard relayed that his client, Muniz, was pleased with the jury’s verdict: "We think it sends an important message as far as what’s expected of oil companies and the way they drive on the highways.”

Stallion Production Services have 30 days to appeal the verdict following the judge’s ruling.

parker webb