Oilfield Accidents

Oilfield Accident Attorneys in Corpus Christi

Oilfield Accidents In Corpus Christi

The oil industry has created a tremendous amount of economic growth in Texas, including the city of Corpus Christi. Unfortunately, along with the jobs and prosperity came alarming safety hazards. The highways connecting Corpus Christi with various oil and gas production plants, for example, have become increasingly congested and dangerous.

Aside from the risks inherent in transporting workers and oil to and from sites, the amount of heavy equipment used on oilfields poses other risks.

Mistakes in such high stakes environments have serious consequences. Employers have an obligation to provide a working environment that is as safe as possible. If an employer fails to protect their workers or is negligent when maintaining equipment or providing training, they could be at fault if an accident occurs. When injuries occur because of negligence on the part of workers or the oil company, the Corpus Christi oilfield accident attorneys at Webb Cason know how to navigate the laws and achieve just compensation.

oilfield accidents in Texas

Statistics show that the largest percentage of all oilfield injuries in the US occur in the state of Texas. The Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that between 2007 and 2012, Texas accounted for up to 40% of the 663 workers killed in U.S. oilfields.

Texas is one of the two states that does not require employers to subscribe to workers compensation. This means that when a worker is injured, they are forced to pay medical expenses out of pocket. Workers with severe injuries may be able to file claims for healthcare bills, missed wages, pain and suffering, long term injuries, and more, especially if the accident can be traced to the employer’s negligence. Unfortunately, some employers, their legal teams, and their insurance providers, attempt to minimize a worker’s injuries, offer small settlements, or even deny claims and culpability.

Because Texas has the most oilfield accident fatalities in the U.S., it is essential to hire an oilfield accident attorney who knows applicable state and federal laws. If you or someone you know was injured in an oilfield accident, contact the Corpus Christi oilfield accident attorneys at Webb Cason today.

oilfield safety hazards

When driving profits takes precedent over safety, oilfield accidents occur. At Webb Cason, we see the effects of oilfield accidents far too often. Just some of the oilfield safety hazards are listed below.

  • Transportation accidents

  • Improper use or functioning of heavy machinery or equipment

  • Fires and explosions

  • Failing to comply with safety standards

  • Failing to give proper training to employees

  • Failing to protect visitors to the job site

  • Improper construction of equipment or safety items such as rails, steps, frames, etc.

  • Improper storage of hazardous fluids

  • Failing to provide adequate safety equipment such as fire suppression tools, goggles, helmets, and suits

how can an oilfield accident attorney help

Workers injured in oilfield accidents often cannot go back to work right away. Lost wages, medical bills, and job insecurity can become an overwhelming burden. If this is the case for you, the oilfield accident attorneys at Webb Cason can help. We have the resources and legal knowledge necessary to hold your employer or a third party who caused your injuries responsible in court. If you were injured in an oilfield accident, let our Corpus Christi personal injury lawyers fight for you. Contact Webb Cason today.